Way back when – Forgotten Tracks and Trails

Author: Gerrit Haarhoff

The Lowveld Escarpment as never described before.

“Join the author of Forgotten Tracks and Trails on a journey through time, and meet the people who shaped the tracks and roads of the region all those years ago. Walk along with them and read about their tales as they wandered through the beautiful Lowveld wilderness…”

Author: Gerrit Haarhoff

Researched from archival sources and contemporaneous literature, Forgotten Tracks and Trails documents the origin and development of towns and their roads in the 19th century. The wheel was late to arrive in the Lowveld as it was only in the 1830s that the first explorers and immigrants ventured far inland in their ubiquitous ox wagons. Describing the events as they unfolded and the people involved, this book gives an accurate and concise description of the period leading up to the establishment of the Eastern Railway Line.

Author: Gerrit Haarhoff
Author: Gerrit Haarhoff

Exploring the timelines and narratives of those days, the author debunks previously held myths with meticulous reasoning and proof. Among the startling conclusions is the contention that Pretoriuskop was incorrectly named after the Anglo-Boer War and the mistake has been repeated ever since. Lavishly illustrated, the reader is taken on a journey through time and guided to the places where history is still visible on the face of the landscape of this beautiful province, Mpumalanga.

The Lowveld Escarpment as never described before

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Compiled by Ista van Zyl

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