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African thunder storms

How to photograph lightning Have you ever looked at a thunderstorm and wondered how to take a perfect picture to capture the beauty of lightning? In South Africa, we get some very powerful thunderstorms and perfect opportunities to photograph lightning. This is what I do: As most lightning storms in SA will occur in the afternoons or evenings it doesn’t mean that you sit and wait the whole day for the storm to appear on the horizon.No, you first have to do a bit of homework. From early in the morning, I will regularly have a look at weather Websites like http://www.africaweather.com and www.yr.no to see if there are any storms brewing in the area or what the forecast will be for the rest of the day and evening… From here I can decide what routes to follow and where my best chances will be for photographing storms and lightning.HTTP://WWW.AFRICAWEATHER.COM Offer a subscription service where you can subscribe to an early warning SMS service and where you will be able to have a look on their Radar service on the website to see where the storms […]

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Madeira – Portugal’s Garden of Eden, Madeira is known as the ‘Island of Eternal Spring’


Since the day I met my Portuguese husband Carlo Neto, he promised me that we will travel to Madeira Island, also known as “the Pearl of the Atlantic” to this island his parents and family originated from. Our adventure began during the July holidays of 2014 when our 2 daughters were old enough to enjoy […]

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For extreme enduro racer, Barend Erasmus, taking part in the Redbull Romaniacs race in Sibiu, Romania is part of the enjoyment. Visiting this exotic, mountainous country also leaves a great impression in scenery. Why did you go to Romania? Sometimes I ask myself, why participate in the Redbull Romaniacs hard enduro? The answer is simple: “It […]

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BMW Motorrad Days 2017 in Garmish Patenkirchen

A must do pilgrimage for every BMW motorcycle enthusiast is to the gathering at Garmish Patenkirchen, a ski village on the border between Germany and Austria, a weekend of motorcycling overload that attracts about 4500 riders on the first weekend in July annually. Thomas Böhm the operations instructor from Sabie Valley Rider Academy situated between Sabie and […]

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New in Sabie – Loggers Pub & Grill

An opportunity arose for Zander McDonald and his daughter, Joni Smit, to buy an existing eatery in Sabie Mpumalanga.  Zander has been in Forestry most of his life and Joni is a Goldsmith; none of them had any restaurant or hospitality experience but this minor obstacle didn’t scare them. Zander decided to use Forestry and Bikes as the […]



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