By Maxine Lambourn

Photos: Natalie Cruz
There is nothing like a little adrenaline to exfoliate all the winter blues! And there is no better place than Dullstroom for relaxation, catching up and doing things you never thought possible! This destination is a hub for festivities, excitement and beauty, situated in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Friday arrived. It was time… Time for four girls to forget about our daily demands and get together to unwind, have fun and get our hearts racing!

Friday night! Who knew such a tiny town had such a diverse nightlife! After indulging in all the wonder on offer, laughing all the stress out of our systems and sampling as many of the fine beverages and foods on offer, we had a quiet Saturday evening in our cozy room, playing games and watching the rugby.

As these weekends always go, Sunday did come all too quickly – but – it was the day! The day to get the blood pumping and do some high flying! I don’t think any of us really knew what to expect… but we were in for pure adrenaline! We didn’t think we would be afraid, but when it came down to it, we were all tested to the core.

Dunkeld Country Estate greeted us with its true magnificence. A picturesque forest setting welcomed us as we winded our way to the reception. After driving through beautiful meadows with impressive white fences, acres of land speckled with game and extremely fine horses, we reached the place where we were to meet Bongani. He was to be our guide for the day! Well, he turned out to be our comforter, supporter and extremely professional at the end of it all! Breathe Adventures was our host for the day – offering something to thrill even the most avid adrenaline junkies.

First up was the zip line. One hundred meters of pure exuberance, using the power of gravity as you plummet through the air on a cable stretched horizontally between two points. It was blissful and exhilarating! Truly amazing.

But our bliss was quickly extinguished when we were led to what we were in for next…

Um, what? A balance beam towering 14 meters above the ground! Not very wide and only Bongani hanging onto a cable behind you! It was incredibly daunting even though we knew he had us, it sure didn’t feel like it! This was when we all had to get stuck in and conquer our fears! And that is exactly what we did!

And just when we thought we were actually quite brave, we were faced with, wait for it… The trapeze swing! As Breathe Adventures puts it on its website: “Jumping into thin air to grab a very small bar from very far away sounds crazy. But you’ll love it. It might stop your heart but it will also make you fly.”

However, what isn’t mentioned on the website is that you climb a very tall, very long pole to get to it. With a tiny surface area to get onto in the first place – a challenge all on its own, you have to balance and get yourself up first! Then only do you launch yourself from an extremely tiny surface area to make your jump!

But… we got through it! With an array of nerves, quirky comments and extreme fits of nervous laughter – we did it! With Bongani’s expert guidance, the four of us had conquered! The feeling was incredible! And we want to go back!  And that, we will – we most definitely will. With so much more on offer, we want to indulge in it all… the next girls weekend awaits with abseiling, rock climbing and a full high ropes course!

So go get your dose of excitement to get your body and mind ready for summer! You will not regret it!

Contact Breathe Adventures:

T: 060 660 9658 | E: | W:

Be sure to ask for Bongani!

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